32” – 80″ Variable Width, Smooth Operation and Easy Maintenance
This ultra-mini zero tail swing excavator is much faster and easier alternative to any shovel or wheelbarrow for working in tight spaces. The 9VX-3 from IHI is a small mini excavator with large potential. Tracks retract to to allow passage through a standard yard gate, doorways or other narrow spaces. Size and power are ideal for residential or indoor work.

  • 2,160 lb. Zero tail swing mini excavator
  • ISUZU engine 2YA1PA02
  • Equipped Standard Auxiliary hydraulics
  • 5′ 6″ Digging Depth

Canopy: Post
Bucket Capacity: 1.06 ft3
Operating Weight: 1576.31 lbs.
Transportation Weight: 2160.53 lbs.
Engine: ISUZU
Model: ISUZU 2YA1PA02
Power: Engine torque 2.5kgf-m/2100rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.95 gal
Travel Speed L/H: 90 rpm 1.6km /h
Ground Pressure: 0.46lbs / scm
Swing Speed: 9.0 rpm
Swing Angle: L50°/R90°
Hydraulic Equipment

Pump Type: Gear 4cycle
Rated power out put: 8.5 ps/2800 rpm
Maximum torque: 2.5kgf – m/2100rpm


Price $16000+TAX CAD